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dredger PSM-3800 with hydroripper

The dredger PSM-3800 with hydroripper can operate at a depth of excavation, the maximum, up to 30 meters. Dredger maximum capacity up to 4000m3 per hour on water sand mixture. Out Sukhovo residue is 10-15% of the performance pulpy- 380 - 570 m3 per hour.
Main characteristics:
Length 14 meters, maximum 18 meters.
The width of the central pontoon 3 meters.
The width of the side pontoons 2 meters.
The height of the side pontoons 1.9 meters.
Digging depth - 30 m 3.
Hydro ripper
The main pump Groote -3800/60.
The height of the water column - 60 meters.
Rotational speed 500 rpm.
Range of ground transportation - 1500 m.
Pump drive diesel engine 1,250 kW.
erosion Engine - 50 kW.
Winches force of 5 tons.
Diesel substation at 200 kW.
Diesel substation to power the climate control, engine erosion, winches, washing systems, lighting and so on.
The dredger is collapsible and can be transported roads. As well as containers.

The price of a new dredger from 44 000 000 rubles. (570 000 EUR) Price is valid until 03.28.2016

We produce the following types of dredgers: 400/20, 400/40, 800/40, 1400/40, 1600/25, 1900/58, 2000/63, 2650/75, 3000/50, 4000/75. Dredgers diesel, electric, hydraulic. Dredgers following work places: quarry, lake, river, estuary, coastal sea area.
There are leasing programs, as well as sell dredgers with installment payment up to two years!
Installing the dredgers to work with a subsequent purchase.
We export our manufacturing dredgers. In 2015 it was signed international contracts for the supply of dredgers in India.
We have production bases in the following cities: Russia - Krasnodar, Chelyabinsk, Kazakhstan - Kostonay. Building dredgers which is closer to the customer.
For all products year warranty, followed by post-warranty service.
Contact phone +79002299990

dredger PSM-3800 with hydroripper
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Стоимость1500000 USD
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АвторКнязев Виталий Васильевич (Поискать ещё объявления этого автора)
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